Monday, April 12, 2010

The Beginning

Helloooo, my name is Rachel (as you could have probably deduced) and today, I decided to start blogging, to put down some thoughts/opinions/likes/dislikes that I have, mainly pertaining to fashion, music, and my semester abroad in Madrid, Spain, which will tragically come to an end in approximately one month. I have been reading fashion blogs for what seems like ever, and thought it was time that I finally become a contributer. I'm basically writing to anyone who will listen, and hope there are a few people out there who might find some of this interesting, though my expectations are not high. Soooo if you stop by, tell me what you think!!

Trends that I love but looking back, will laugh at (keep in mind I wear at least one of these trends daily):

socks with heels:

Denim on denim:


Oversized everything:

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