Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mi Inspiración

While every other fashion blogger I have ever encountered would bow down and kiss the feet of Kate Moss, she really doesn't do it for me. That is not to say that when I enter a top shop I don't find it a daunting task to set a spending limit for myself, but her street style never leaves me feeling inspired.

My inspirations, or obsessions if you will, are more along the lines of Mary-Kate and Ashley along with Alexa Chung. I don't know what it is about the Olsens, but ever since I rented their first sing along video in elementary school, and belted out tunes about slumber parties and unsolved mysteries in my living room, I have been hooked. It's almost as if we've grown up together...I've been with them through the ups and the downs. Through their coke habits and fashion lines. And now I have to say that, although occasionally I find their style, Mary-Kate's in particular, a bit offbeat, they always find a way to pull it off.

Now the Alexa Chung addiction is a fairly new development. I mentioned her to a friend the other day, and upon her inquiry as to who she was, I found myself appalled. How could someone live their life without the presence, if only in magazines and television, of Alexa Chung. She is perfection; tall, thin, and can do no wrong stylistically. Her knowledge of which proportions, colors, textures, and styles go together always astounds me, and although she rarely takes fashions risks, she never fails to look amazing.


  1. Alexa is perfect!!!
    great looks!!!