Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mi InspiraciĆ³n

While every other fashion blogger I have ever encountered would bow down and kiss the feet of Kate Moss, she really doesn't do it for me. That is not to say that when I enter a top shop I don't find it a daunting task to set a spending limit for myself, but her street style never leaves me feeling inspired.

My inspirations, or obsessions if you will, are more along the lines of Mary-Kate and Ashley along with Alexa Chung. I don't know what it is about the Olsens, but ever since I rented their first sing along video in elementary school, and belted out tunes about slumber parties and unsolved mysteries in my living room, I have been hooked. It's almost as if we've grown up together...I've been with them through the ups and the downs. Through their coke habits and fashion lines. And now I have to say that, although occasionally I find their style, Mary-Kate's in particular, a bit offbeat, they always find a way to pull it off.

Now the Alexa Chung addiction is a fairly new development. I mentioned her to a friend the other day, and upon her inquiry as to who she was, I found myself appalled. How could someone live their life without the presence, if only in magazines and television, of Alexa Chung. She is perfection; tall, thin, and can do no wrong stylistically. Her knowledge of which proportions, colors, textures, and styles go together always astounds me, and although she rarely takes fashions risks, she never fails to look amazing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Currently Obsessed

Heard this on skins a few weeks back. On repeat since:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Paris is Full of Crazies

Living in Madrid for a semester has it's fair share of advantages, one being travel opportunities. Last week I was lucky enough to go to Amsterdam and Paris with my best friend and some other people from my study abroad program. Amsterdam was amazing, with great shopping, beautiful canals, friendly people, and of course, coffee shops. Paris, however, was quite a different story. While the whole city was absolutely gorgeous, it was the people of Paris who really made an impression...

Really the most comprehensive way for me to explain the oddities that I encountered is in list form:
  1. For our first meal we go to a seemingly charming cafe, in which the waiter proceeds to stroke my hair on multiple occasions and give my friend and me two lingering kisses on our cheeks, as, in his words, compensation for his "inability to go out that weekend".
  2. We follow up the meal with a little shopping. Upon our entrance to a shoe store, we are greeted with, "are you from America, do you like the night?" from an old woman. Baffled, my friend replies, "um, yes we do, do you like the night?" She gives us a lackluster head nod and returns to her cash register. Um, unless she was trying to discreetly get us into her prostitution business, I am lost.
  3. Amidst a heated political rap battle between my friend and a random french man (still quite confused as to how this began), he responds to an insult to Sarkozy by aggressively chasing after her and pulling her hair.
  4. And the cherry on top: at the louvre, i believe someone attempted to hit on me (I'm still confused if that was his actual motive), by informing me that I looked exactly like his dog. Apparently our eyes are identical. Now that is definitely something every girl wants to hear.
There were a few more instances including a strip show in the club we chose to attend (which incidentally had a 20 euro cover charge), and being accosted by an angry australian in our hostel, which all added up, left a sour taste in my mouth. Although I know at some point, I should give Paris another chance, I am glad to say that for now I live in Madrid.

Sunshine Shoes

As summer is just around the corner, and the weather here in Madrid has FINALLY begun to brighten up, I have been stashing my tights and boots lately for thigh high socks and ... Herein lies the dilemma. My love for ballet flats that flourished throughout last summer and even persisted into fall, melted away with the last snowfall, and even the gladiator sandal, with which I found myself enamored last summer, seems less than exciting this season. I imagine there are a few of you who feel the same, thus I thought I would share my spring/summer shoe-wear favorites:

1. Of course I have to include the clog, but I prefer this classic version, sans heels, to wear on a casual day.
2. Oxford lace-ups compose the greater part of my shoe collection right now. I love how these are mesh material, and will breath for the hotter, summer months.
3. Did I mention my obsession with oxfords? These are great because they are a sling-back, therefore requiring no socks and no effort.
4. So I know I said I was over ballet flats, but these give a completely different effect. The bow and ankle wrap make them interesting, so pair them with some cut-offs and a t-shirt.
5. Finally, we have the loafer-like flat. I love the loafer now, especially paired with some cute socks, and this white color is great for the spring.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Beginning

Helloooo, my name is Rachel (as you could have probably deduced) and today, I decided to start blogging, to put down some thoughts/opinions/likes/dislikes that I have, mainly pertaining to fashion, music, and my semester abroad in Madrid, Spain, which will tragically come to an end in approximately one month. I have been reading fashion blogs for what seems like ever, and thought it was time that I finally become a contributer. I'm basically writing to anyone who will listen, and hope there are a few people out there who might find some of this interesting, though my expectations are not high. Soooo if you stop by, tell me what you think!!

Trends that I love but looking back, will laugh at (keep in mind I wear at least one of these trends daily):

socks with heels:

Denim on denim:


Oversized everything: