Thursday, December 15, 2011

winter's bone

Now I know that winter in Portland pales in comparison to the bitter cold of New York. The weather, albeit constantly rainy, is fairly mild, relatively speaking. But coming from a girl who spent the last four years at college in California, it's pretty damn cold here. The days can see a high of 45 with the sun out, while the nights hover on the cusp of 30 degrees. And it is not even winter yet...

Naturally, rather than sugarplums dancing, I have coats on the mind lately. Long and short, sleek silhouettes and fur trim collars, I find myself two months into my hunt for the perfect coat with only a slew of thin jackets to show for myself. I am kind-of over the whole double-breasted thing, and tend to stray away from enormously furry numbers, eliminating some options. But with such amazing patterns and shapes happening this season, I know that my coat is out there somewhere.

So for now, the hunt continues.

jak & jil

Thursday, December 8, 2011

TV's Latest Cancellation

So, I was on stylecaster's website a few days ago and was informed of the fact that Alexa Chung will be hosting a new show (ahem, project runway rip-off), entitled, 24-hour catwalk, which centers around a handful of designers competing to make an entire fall collection within 24 hours.

I am not opposed to another design show. I do not care that the idea is far from original, not too mention the premise nearly impossible, but honestly, can't Alexa Chung just stay away from hosting? If anyone else ever caught an episode of MTV'S It's on with Alexa Chung, they can understand the painful awkwardness that will inevitably ensue upon her arrival to the stage. Now, she is gorgeous, wears a babydoll better than anyone, and normally I even love her gawky and self-deprecating demeanor, but I'm pretty sure I get my fill of awkward tension in my own life. No need to experience that in my downtime. I absolutely LOVE you as a style icon and a model, but maybe this just isn't your calling Alexa.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girls of Summer

Only good thing from Arabella Ramsay's s/s '11 collection, but it's sooo good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let's Go Gardening

Okay, when even the men are sporting botanical prints, you know your closet is missing something...


Dowse Me in Leather

What is it about leather that makes everything better? Sexier, more sophisticated, more unique... Even the slightest touch can amp up the volume of even the simplest ensemble. Maybe it's the remnants of my wannabe punk phase talking, or perhaps a biker chick is desperately trying to find her way out, but if I could add leather to every piece in my wardrobe, I probably would. Not to say that I want my closet to resemble an s&m workshop, but a touch of leather never hurt anyone. A chiffon blouse with a leather collar, leather sleeves on a wool blazer, or even leather buttons on a menswear dress are all drool worthy daydreams. I love how little details can change the ordinary into something unexpected.

Kelly Wearstler S/S '12, Jason Wu pre-fall '12, Stockholm Streetstyle

Friday, December 2, 2011


What could be cozier than slipping into a warm, fuzzy knit this winter?

Happy Holidays

Ashley Smith brings a little edge to this season as the face of VEDA x Reformation's holiday collection, in which vintage pieces are reworked by Yael Aflalo and Lyndsey Butler to create a brand new 10 piece collection. The styling as well as Ari Marcopoulos's photography also earn an A plus in my book, as the polaroid picture feel and grunge locations highlight the sort of laid-back glamour of the clothes.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Camilla and Marc

The color, the clean lines, the drop-waists, oh my. Camilla and Marc's most recent collection, a nod to powerful women of the 60's and 70's, flawlessly pulls together unique design elements to create a diverse yet cohesive show. The mix of femininity and masculinity certainly makes them a design team to watch.

fashion rising