Thursday, October 27, 2011

keep it simple please

I have never been one to gravitate toward busy looks. I consider messiness and clutter the enemy when it comes to fashion, and have always cherished the beauty of simplicity. Lately though, my love for all things uncomplicated has amplified, and I find myself shying away from even the slightest of over-styling. Simplicity can be a statement on its own, and does not discourage creativity nor risk-taking, but rather, it encourages a deeper thought in the styling and can exagerate the beauty of individual pieces. These women have each found a unique way to showcase their own simplicity, whether it be through a monochrome color palette, structured silhouettes, or clean lines.

sources:, the sartorialist

Friday, October 21, 2011

Denim Days

Love love lovin these jeans that Columbine dons on her blog. Such a throw-back to the 90s and yet, so of-the-moment.

Friday, October 14, 2011


                                              Studio SKB Chicago Harper
                                         Becky Ross for Wicked Quick
                                                 Lizz Basinger
                                                House of Summer    
                                              Michelle is Well
                                                AM Renegade
(Unfortunately I couldn't take any good pictures myself, and these are the only ones available)

About a week ago I got the opportunity to attend a night of Portland Fashion Week, in which emerging Portland designers were showcased. Though the extravagance, as well as the innovation, fell slightly short of NYFW, I still reveled in the opportunity to attend my first ever fashion show. The clothes may not have been up to par, but sitting in row three (of the five) and watching the zoom lenses snap shots of sky high models made me feel oh-so-important, while the sustainable, recycled runway made it feel oh-so-Portland.

Many of the collections were a nod to the sixties, with structured dresses and short hemlines, and let me be honest in saying that the overdone models, sporting twiggy-inspired polyester nightmares, who kicked off the show left much to be desired. The entire collection was badly styled and badly executed, showcasing an utter lack of taste. And while the "Moontess" collection left me equally as horrified, a handful of pieces provided real inspiration.

Amanda Grisham's "Grishley" collection, which combined navajo with leather in dresses and jackets, felt very of-the-moment, while the collection entitled "AM Renegade" played with asymmetrical cuts to liven up the show. "Studio SKB Chicago Harper" had an interesting and perfectly-tailored twist on menswear, while Lizz Basinger almost got it right with her high-waisted shorts. And despite the emergence of star-struck Rachel while chatting with Becky Ross from this season of Project Runway, her ready-to-wear clothes seemed a bit too ready, lacking any real creativity. In the end Grishley was the clear winner (by attendees votes), with bits and pieces of other collections sharing the spotlight.

Sources: Portland Fashion Weekly

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sixty Plus Chic

In many industries, fashion included, age can seem like a death sentence. Gone are the days when crop tops and cutoffs comprise an appropriate outfit, and orthopedic insoles come to replace stilettos. But all is not lost. Judging by these photos, with age can come sophistication, and these elder folk are able to remain chic and fashion forward. It is not often that the senior age group can evoke in me such inspiration, but these styles are proof that, while your hair color may fade, your taste does not have go along with it.

Sources: Facehunter, the Sartorialist