Thursday, December 8, 2011

TV's Latest Cancellation

So, I was on stylecaster's website a few days ago and was informed of the fact that Alexa Chung will be hosting a new show (ahem, project runway rip-off), entitled, 24-hour catwalk, which centers around a handful of designers competing to make an entire fall collection within 24 hours.

I am not opposed to another design show. I do not care that the idea is far from original, not too mention the premise nearly impossible, but honestly, can't Alexa Chung just stay away from hosting? If anyone else ever caught an episode of MTV'S It's on with Alexa Chung, they can understand the painful awkwardness that will inevitably ensue upon her arrival to the stage. Now, she is gorgeous, wears a babydoll better than anyone, and normally I even love her gawky and self-deprecating demeanor, but I'm pretty sure I get my fill of awkward tension in my own life. No need to experience that in my downtime. I absolutely LOVE you as a style icon and a model, but maybe this just isn't your calling Alexa.

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