Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dowse Me in Leather

What is it about leather that makes everything better? Sexier, more sophisticated, more unique... Even the slightest touch can amp up the volume of even the simplest ensemble. Maybe it's the remnants of my wannabe punk phase talking, or perhaps a biker chick is desperately trying to find her way out, but if I could add leather to every piece in my wardrobe, I probably would. Not to say that I want my closet to resemble an s&m workshop, but a touch of leather never hurt anyone. A chiffon blouse with a leather collar, leather sleeves on a wool blazer, or even leather buttons on a menswear dress are all drool worthy daydreams. I love how little details can change the ordinary into something unexpected.

Kelly Wearstler S/S '12, Jason Wu pre-fall '12, Stockholm Streetstyle


  1. Love this! It's as if I can't pass by anything with leather detailing any more or even buy anything that doesn't have leather detailing, it doesn't seem worth it without that added bit of edge(sometimes velvet or suede can work for me though). Am needing a leather collar in my life


  2. I totally agree with you! I need more leather in my closet...