Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 days of spring

So yes, just a mere post or two back I droned on and on about finding a winter coat for the bitter cold that I must endure, living in the arctic climate of Portland, Oregon. Buuuut, as luck would have it, God must have read my blog and interpreted it as a plea, as he has decided to send me to sunny California this week. I have an interview in LA, and thus will be heading there, and away from coat weather entirely, this Thursday. 

Naturally, coming from a girl who spends her free time previewing her wardrobe in the mirror, springtime outfits have been cycling through my head since I booked the flight. And not to say that I haven't donned my bright pink pants in the dead of winter, but it just feels so right to compliment the sunshine rather than compete with it. 

This past week, as I made my daily scroll through the street style blogs, my attention was shifted from outerwear to spring ensembles. I'm so excited to go outside with nothing on but a dress, to wear a skirt without layering tights underneath, and to sport my brightest sweater without worrying whether it is season appropriate. 

But for all this excitement, my outfit choices better be exquisite during my time there, considering my stay will last about two days...

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