Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Complaint About the Weather

Portland's weather forecast is about as fickle as it gets. One day is filled with hourly downpours, and the next it is 80 degrees. C'mon Oregon, I know summer only ended a few days ago but don't tempt me with the prospect of fall weather only to rip it right from my hands.

I was so excited upon the arrival of cooler days. I immediately began to mentally paint the leaves orange and yellow while assembling fall outfits in my head. The layering and the knits really get my heart racing. But then, twenty-four hours later, as soon as it had come, the new season was melted away by the returning summer sun. I guess the pumpkins, turkeys, and all the coziness that comes with fall will have to wait a little longer. At least I can get my fall fashion fix online...

sources: the sartorialist, stockholm streetstyle, the facehunter


  1. Good choices!

  2. Love all of these looks!